About Natural Resources Development Foundation

The Natural Resource Development Foundation (NRDF) is a local organization which was established in 2003 to address the problem of the ongoing exploitation of forests resources by foreign logging companies.

As a non-governmental organization, NRDF believes that natural resources are intrinsically beneficial to the well being of local people and their environment and strives to provide sustainable resource management opportunities to communities in the Solomon Islands in order to protect these precious natural resources for current and future generation. For more than a decade the organization has promoted and supported, with success, sustainable forest management (SFM) by local communities, as an alternative to large scale destructive forest harvesting. Besides Sustainable Forest Management, the organization is also active in forest conservation, forest restoration & reforestation, livelihood projects, training and capacity building and last but not least in supporting landowners in their legal fights against illegal logging operations. 

NRDF is a small organization consisting of a team of highly experienced staff members who are accompanied by several local extension officers and International volunteers to strengthen the team’s capacity. NRDF’s head office is located in Gizo, the provincial capital of the Western Province.

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