While NRDF successfully initiates sustainable sawmilling and forest management activities, we also base activities with women and non-landowner groups on other income generating activities. These include honey, coconut oil, soap, and small agricultural projects. Honey production is an exciting venture with targeted operations across the six project areas.

About the Livelihood program

To increase people’s involvement in sustainable natural resources management, NRDF manages small livelihood projects that contribute to community development.

Under its livelihood program, NRDF supports small income generating activities in the project areas. The Forest for Life program 2011-2013  focuses on commercialising potential Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). One of those is the production of honey. All NRDF partners have already established small community based honeybee farms. By up-scaling this activity and possibly introducing certification, NRDF expects much profit for the communities. There are also some  other potential NTFPs that could be introduced into the local and international market such as nuts, fruits and small carvings.

Main objective:

Support income generating activities within the project areas to increase the involvement of especially women in the program activities.

Main activities:

  • Increase the scale of the existing honeybee program with possible product certification;
  • Introduce new market commodities especially NTFPs.

Thanks to Wilko Bosma, Anna Price, Carol Petasopa and friends for these beautiful images:

Barekasi oil2 Bee coconut 7 Nov 2004 BOSMA honey Leona2 CAROL honeybee5 PRICE honeybee6 PRICE soap 1 jan 2008