Training, awareness, capacity

Training & Capacity Building program

To strengthen and sustain the programs and projects in the project areas, NRDF facilitates  training and capacity building activities for its partners in the project areas. These activities  take place as short training sessions in the forest, coaching during village visits or as larger group program such as conferences and workshops. It is important to build capacity and skills to secure the sustainability of the projects that have been initiated and established. Most income generating activities need a basic, but proper, business approach to be successful and to gain maximum benefits. Training in this particular area is vital.

Every year NRDF determines the needs for training and skills and drafts a specific training program for the people in the areas as well as our  own staff members. As part of the Forest for Life campaign, most of our focus will go to Sustainable Forest Management, complementing the FSC©certification and the introduction of the proposed forestry handbook. This training will cover all aspect of good forest management to sustain and restore the unique services of the Solomon Islands’ rainforests. Besides providing training programs, NRDF will use its professional networks to facilitate and arrange training and capacity building opportunities for people in and outside the project areas. A key NRDF partner is Australian Volunteers International (AVI). NRDF is planning to further accommodate volunteers in 2013/ 14.

Main objective:

Build and increase skills to improve and sustain established projects and program.

Main activities:

  • Training in Sustainable Forest Management training;
  • Facilitation in other sorts of training;
  • Facilitate in placement of volunteers in project areas for capacity building.

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Barekasi map planning3 2 Jan 2008 CAROL planning Leona4 CAROL planning Leona8 CAROL SIBC interview honeybee PRICE workshop 22 Nov 2007 BOSMABarekasi map planning2 2 Jan 2008 CAROL