Australian volunteer promotes honey and legal knowledge

25th January 2013
Australian volunteer promotes honey and legal knowledge

A background in environmental resource assessment/management and having founded and managed an Australian business, was a perfect background for 2011/12 Australian volunteer Anna Price. In August 2011, Anna began working for NRDF based in Sasamunga (Choiseul), supporting the local sawmill business and the community-based organisation. To reach further project areas, Anna moved to Gizo in January 2012, working with NRDF community partners at Leona, Pine, Rarakasi, Ngorabara and Boeboe.

Anna (pictured third from left) was instrumental in developing the honey production project in all six NRDF project areas. With Stephen Suti, Anna explored the Women in Business Inc model in Samoa for marketing and exporting community produced goods.

Another highlight of her NRDF work, was hosting the March 2012 visits of Public Solicitor’s Office lawyers and Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation staff to several communities. This was the first time that a number of customary landowners learnt what their legal rights were in relation to logging, mining and protected areas. This tour aimed to build the confidence of landowners to realise their rights in their land and resource development.

In Anna’s words “I have made lifelong friends in the Solomon Islands and hope to come back to visit. I thank everyone for their hospitality, friendship and care of me during my time there.”

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