Carbon a potential income source for sustainable development

25th January 2013
Carbon a potential income source for sustainable development

Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguard was the theme at the 6-8 November REDD+ Workshop in Honiara. At the workshop, NRDF’s Stephen Suti (pictured) presented “Experiences of stakeholder engagement at the local level in the Solomon Islands – opportunities and challenges”. More than 30 people participated in the workshop, where a national task force was set up to coordinate the work on REDD+ activities.

NRDF is now working with organisations, such as Live and Learn, to explore Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) as a potential income source for these communities through sustainable forest management and conservation. REDD can create a financial value for the carbon stored in forests, offering incentives for developing countries to reduce emissions from forested lands and invest in low-carbon paths to sustainable development. REDD+ goes beyond deforestation and forest degradation, and includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.