Boravai Tribal Area

Sustainable Sawmilling

25th January 2013
Sustainable Sawmilling

Through sustainable forest management, NRDF is actively working with Choiseul and Western communities to set up sawmilling businesses through infrastructure, training and networking. This type of timber harvesting is much more sustainable for the communities than logging. For an average tree, a community can earn approximately 20 times more by milling it, compared to selling it to a logging company. These high profits can continue for generations if the forest…
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Overview of Boravai Tribal Area

25th January 2013

Location: Ngorobara, Choiseul Province

NRDF Partner since: 2009

Total forest area: 7000ha

Estimated population: 1450

Dominant forest type: Hill and lowland rain forest

Forest Conservation area: na

Activities: sawmilling, SFM, livelihood projects

Organization: Ngalgro Community Development Organization (NCDO)