Good progress in the Leona Reforestation program

8th February 2013
Good progress in the Leona Reforestation program

Since October 2012, the reforestation program in the Barekasi area has been progressing very well.  Thanks to funding  by Dutch Provincial Government body,  Gemeente Hardenberg in the Netherlands, an additional  30 hectares of damaged forest has been replanted with 12, 000 small indigenous timber trees.

The reforestation work is done by members of 30 different Barekasi families involving men, women and children. These families signed the planting and maintenance contracts to manage the reforestation program are appreciating the extra income from the program, especially now  when the new school season starts and money is needed for school fees and school materials. The new planting will be maintained every month over a period of two years.

The Leona reforestation program was done through a partnership with the Dutch Millennium Foundation (DMF) as part of a voluntarily carbon-offset project.

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